ROUGH AND RUGGED/ラフ アンド ラゲッド

2000年、自社ファクトリーを立ち上げサーフボードのシェイプを開始した榎本高士が自信のバックボーンであるモーターカルチャー、サーフカルチャー、ミリタリーカルチャーを表現するENO SURF BOARD、ROUGH AND RUGGEDをスタートさせる
2003年、そのグラフィックをTシャツなどにプリントし、固定概念に捕われないスタイルでENO SURFBOARD、ROUGH AND RUGGEDとともに国内外で評価を受ける。

2000,Takashi Enomoto set up his own factory to start shaping surfboards.incubated brands of "ENO SURFBOARD" and "ROUGH AND RUGGED",
collaborated expression of motor,surf and military cultures, all of which from the backbone of his inspiration.
2003 T-shirts and other goods, printed with graphics from ENO SURFBOARDS, ROUGH AND RUGGED,
together with their original products, won the admiration in and outside Japan for their style of breaking down stereotypes.
He cotinues the pursuit of his own manufacturing. creating leading-edge products infused with cross-over elements of SURF,MOTOR and MILITARY,free from seasonal thematic approach.

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